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Calibration of Solar Radiation Measuring Sensors at NISE

Solar Radiation Calibration Laboratory (SRCL) for Calibration for Calibration of Solar Radiation measuring sensors, at National Institute of Solar Energy (NISE), Gurgaon, was established as a part of MNRE Solar Radiation Resource Assessment (SRRA) Program. SRCL is an outdoor laboratory,set up by Solar Energy Corporation of India Ltd (SECI) in Collaboration with NISE, was commissioned in October 2015.

A well-equipped SRCL facility provides for calibration of thermopile based solar radiometers such as Pyranometer and Pyrheliometer.SRCL maintains and operates both Primary and Secondary standard reference sensors. These standard reference sensors have their traceability to World Radiometric Reference (WRR) Scale Set up & maintained by World Radiation Centre at Davos for obtaining World Wide homogeneity in solar radiation measurements. Solar radiometers of various make and model operating at field are calibrated at SRCL against laboratory reference standard sensors as per the ISOStandards. Calibration performed at SRCL establishes the traceability of measurements to WRR scale as stated in World Meteorological Organisation(WMO) Guidelines.

Pic: Solar Radiation Calibration Laboratory(SRCL) at Surya Bhawan, NISE.

Availing the Calibration Services at SRCL NISE.

Any organisation requesting for calibration of their sensor at SRCL is required to provide following details of sensor in advance to Customer Service Centre NISE.

  1. No of Sensors and their Make & Model
  2. Dully filled Calibration Requisition form

Details Regarding the Calibration charges at SRCL can be obtained from Customer Service Centre NISE. http://nise.res.in/DTF.php

Contact Details:

Customer Service Cell (CSC)
National Institute of Solar Energy
19th Mile Stone, Gurgaon-Faridabad Road Gwal Pahari, Gurgaon (Haryana)
Email ID: csc.nise.mnre@gmail.com
Ph. 0124-2579251 (CSC), 2853010 (SRCL), Fax: 0124-2579207

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