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Download Testing Forms
Revised Testing Fees for CST systems (Posted on 1st August 2017)
Order Form for SWH System Testing order form no 14
Order Form for CST System Testing order 13
Notice Regarding Revised Testing Fees for Batteries with effective from 5th July 2017 (Posted on 5th July 2017)
Order form No. 3, Testing of Solar Cells
Requisition Format for Testing of field deployed PV modules
Requisition Form for Calibration of Radiometers (For Industry and Research Institutions)
Revision of Testing fees for Electroluminescence (EL) Test at NISE (Posted on 23rd Dec 2016)
Revised Fees for Testing Services at NISE with effect from January 1,2016 (Posted on 13-01-2016)
Information to Manufacturers/ Organisations using Testing Services at NISE
Information to Manufacturers/Organisations to Collect the Tested Samples
Notification regarding Revised Service Tax for testing Services at NISE
Order Form No. I for Module Testing
Order Form II for IEC Module Testing
Order Form No. VIII Electroluminescence Testing for PV module
Order Form No.IV for LED Testing AC DC pack
Order Form No.V Pump
Order Form No.VI for Battery Testing
Order Form No.VII for Inverter Testing
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