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About Research & Development Cell (Monitoring, Evaluation and Support Centre)
  • One of the important activities at the NISE is to be associated with R&D in the field of Solar Energy (SE) applications which include those in the areas of solar photovoltaic (SPV) and solar thermal (ST). The NISE has been doing so at present by providing active support to the MNRE’s R&D initiatives. The NISE has been involved in scrutinizing the R&D proposals submitted to the Ministry at the initial stage, getting the experts’ comments, arranging RDPAC and RDSPAC meetings and recommending proposals to the MNRE for sanction. Furthermore, it has also been responsible for monitoring the on-going R&D projects through expert visits, organising reviews, suggesting mid-course corrections, and monitoring and verifying claims as an independent ,un-biased agency. NISE is thus involved at all stages of nucleation, growth, correction and logical conclusion of the R&D projects. The NISE is also involved in a few important; thrust area projects where direct participation is envisaged to help achieve the desired goals. The NISE is also executing externally aided, large consortium projects funded by the DST and other ministries on specific topics where there is a requirement or direct intervention is sought. The responsibilities of R&D coordination and monitoring lies with the R&D Monitoring Cell or simply R&D Cell which comprises two departments, namely, a) solar photovoltaic (PV) department and b) solar thermal (ST) department.
Solar Photovoltaic
  • A long term vision in the PV department ought to include joint research in specific areas of high efficiency solar cells, high performance inverters, PV systems, reliability tools etc., where some expertise is already available withthe NISE. In this context, it is proposed to establish an MOU with the neighbouring R&D centre of BHEL so as to utilize the R&D facilities there,developed by the MNRE and other funding agencies e.g. the DST, from time to time and add to it facilities for characterisation, testing and evaluation to improve the cell output. This could, in the long run, be a centre for development of high efficiency solar cells and materials and act as a complement to the centres at NCPRE, IIT Bombay and IIEST, Shibpur, West Bengal for development of materials and devices.
Major Activities
    1. Monitoring of On-going R&D projects in Solar PV.
    2. Evaluation of R&D projects proposals from MNRE.
    3. Generation of reports (including statistics).
    4. Collaborative work with industry on high efficiency solar cells and modules.
    5. Incubation of new idea on solar PV technology in association with R&D laboratories/industry.
    6. Up-gradation of test & characterization facility at NISE for validation of claims.
    7. RSPAC and RDSPAC meetings.
    8. Seminar & workshop.
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