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सौर प्रकाश प्रणालियों का परीक्षण
Luminaries Testing Facilities
  • The SPV Light testing lab, at NISE is equipped with different test facilities for the performance evaluation of the solar lighting products ranging from Solar lantern, Solar home lighting system, Solar street lighting system, Solar Task light, Solar study lamp, and Solar Torch etc.

The following are the specific tests that are carried out on components & System-
    a. Burning Test.
    b. Light Output & Distribution Test.
    c. Driver Efficiency Charge Controller Behavior.
    d. Temperature Compensation.
    e. Duty Cycle Test & Autonomy Test.
    f. ON-OFF Cycle Test.
    g. PV Module Characteristics Test.
    h. Battery Capacity Test.

SPV Lights Test Instruments

Lighting Test

  1. Lux/light Meter
  2. Integrated Sphere

PV Module Test

  1. Sun Simulator

Battery Capacity test

  1. Battery Analyzer

Electronic Testing

  1. DC Power Supply
  2. Digital Multimeter
  3. Digital Oscilloscope
  4. Burning test setup
  5. ON-OFF test setup
All SPV lighting system usually comprises of the following components: PV Module, Storage battery, charge controller, LED Driver, and Luminaire etc.
The laboratory also developed a facility for testing of other SPV system like Garden Light, Solar Road stud, solar e-rickshaw, Solar Air Conditioner etc.
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