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About the Campus

  • The NISE campus for its R&D activities is located at the 19th milestone on the Gurgaon-Faridabad road which is about 25 km south of main office of the Ministry. The surrounding area is predominantly agricultural and beautiful green or yellow fields can be seen around the Campus depending upon the season. Covering an area of about 81 hectares, the campus receives abundant sunshine for which is suitable for doing solar energy experiments. The buildings of the Centre have been constructed using solar passive techniques to achieve energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

The campus offers the following facilities :

a) Auditorium: An air conditioned hall in theatrical style which can accommodate 125 persons. It is provided with a dais and a public address system, multimedia projection system with good acoustics. Registration desk and arrangements for tea & snacks are available in the adjacent lobby.
b) Library: NISE has a fully furnished central library consisting of about 1500 latest books on various aspects of renewable energy technologies. NISE subscribes to 15 scientific journals.
c) Guest House : To accommodate the training officials and the guest, the institute has its own guest houses. The new guest house is equipped with all the facilities at par with international standards. There are 30 rooms in the new guest house. The old guest house consists of six well furnished rooms of which four rooms are air conditioned.
d) Seminar Halls and Conference Rooms : There are numerous seminar halls and conference room facilities available in the old and the new buildings which can be extended for hosting functions with large gathering.
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