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Testing of Photovoltaic Modules

Photovoltaic Module Testing Facility

  • At this test facility there is a provision of Testing Different PV Technologies like:
    1.Crystalline solar module 2.Thin Film 3.Hybrid PV Module
    a. Mono crystalline a. Amorphous a. HIT
    b. Multi crystalline b. CdTe  
    c. Maxeon technology c. CIGs  
    Qualification testing of crystalline silicon/thin film photovoltaic modules as per IEC 61215/ IEC61646 specifications (individual tests) and customization of tests according to user defined Standards also possible.
  • 1.Visual Inspection.
    2. Insulation Test.
    3. STC Performance cell / module.
    4. Temperature Coefficient.
    5. NOCT Measurement.
    6. Performance at NOCT.
    7. Performance at low irradiance.
    8. Outdoor Exposure (60 kWh/m2).
    9. Hot Spot Endurance.
    10. UV Exposure.
    11. Thermal Cycle.
    12. Damp Heat Test.
    13. Humidity Freeze Test.
    14. Robustness of terminations.
    15. Mechanical load (static).
    16. Hail Impact Test.
    17. Ground Continuity Test.
    18. Wet Leakage Current Test.

Solar Cell Characterization Facility:
  • At present, Solar cell testing facility at NISE is capable of testing solar cells ( Only mono/multi crystalline Silicon Solar Cells with /having extended ribbons) up to 6 inch X 6 inch area as per IEC 60904-1:2006 /IS 12762 (Part 1):2010 standards.
    The technical and performance specifications of the Class AAA sun simulator are tabled below:


    Lamp power (Watts)

    Output beam




    Working Distance


    1600 W

    12 X 12

    305 X 305

    12.00” ± 0.5”


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