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Testing of Inverters and Batteries
Solar pv power conditioning unit (pcu) testing (inverter):

Performance evaluation testing of Solar PV Power Conditioning Unit as per the IEC 61683Up to 10 kVA only.
    Testing of Inverter consist of following tests:
    • Performance evaluation of the sample at different type of load and load percentage.
    • Mode of operations
    • AC & DC cut off
    • Protection measurement

    Test report consists of:
    • Details of the inverter
    • Efficiency curve in different load and load percentage
    • Working range of different parameters such as voltage, frequency, THD, MPPT DC voltage.

    Different kinds of PCU Test Facilities are available such as:
    1. MPPT Charge controller.
    2. Off-Grid
    3. Grid- Interactive.
    4. Hybrid
    5. Standalone
  • The tentative period for testing of the SPV Power Conditioning Unit is two month from the date of submission however this period may be varied depending on condition of measuring equipments and priority.
Battery Testing :
    At this Battery Testing Facilities according to IS 13369, IS 15539 and IS 1651 are available, Tubular Lead Acid / VRLA / GEL.
    1. Capacity Testas per C/10 or C/20 rate, as applicable for the specific battery.
    2. Efficiency Test (Ah & Wh).
    3. Self-discharge Test
    4. retention/ Shelf Life test.
    5. Environmental Testing.
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