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Shortlisted/ Screened in Applicants for Direct Recruitment for post of Deputy Director General (DDG)/ Scientist-F (SOLAR THERMAL IN-HOUSE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT (R&D) AND TESTING at NISE (Posted on 20th Feb 2017)
Registrations are open for 3 days skill development program on Grid integrated roof top solar at NISE (Sponsored by MNRE) (Posted on 17th Feb 2017)
Supply and Installation of Module Breakage system, Accessibility Test System, Cut Susceptibility System, Terminal Knock out Test, Robustness of Termination with complete accessories
Sealed Tenders are invited for the Supply and construction of Aluminium structured wooden panel and glass cabins at NISE (Posted on 10th Feb 2017)
Sealed Tenders are invited for the Supply installation testing and commissioning of 10 Nos of 10 KW solar grid tied inverters at NISE (Posted on 10th Feb 2017)
Registration open for 9th , 3-Day Skill Development Program On Solar PV system Design using “PVSYST & PVSOL” software on dated 15th- 17th March 2017(Posted on 9th Feb 2017).
Registrations are open for five days training program on Designing of Concentrated Solar Thermal & Solar Water Heating System (Posted on 8th Feb 2017)
"Corrigendum regarding Tender Number 3/02/001/NISE-PVTF (Posted on 30th January 2017)"
Qualification Pack (Curriculum) for Suryamitra Skill Development Program (Posted on 25th Jan 2017)
Corrigendum regarding tender for voltage impulse and dielectric (posted on 16 Jan 2017)
Registrations are open for 6th Batch of Suryamitra Skill development program at NISE (Posted on 13th Jan 2017)
Notice regarding Suryamitra Mobile Application and required Suryamitra data for Mobile Application
Inauguration of Net Metering System for the 770 kWp solar photovoltaic systems at NISE campus_Press Release (Posted on 9th Jan 2017)
Registration open for 8th , 3-Day Skill Development Program On Solar PV system Design using “PVSYST & PVSOL” software on dated 18th -20th January 2017. (Posted on 5th Jan 2017)
Tenders are invited for providing bus services at NISE (Posted on 2nd January 2017)
Notice inviting tender for supply and installation of laptop, desktop computer systems etc. at ISA headquarters in NISE campus (Posted on 30th Dec 2016)
List of Candidates shortlisted from applications for Suryamitra Batch 5 at NISE, commencing from 2nd January 2017 (Posted on 23rd Dec 2016)
Revision of Testing fees for Electroluminescence (EL) Test at NISE (Posted on 23rd Dec 2016)
"Cancellation of purchase order for procurement of Computers and Desktops (Posted on 19th Dec 2016)
Tenders are invited for the supply and installation of impulse voltage tester Dielectric withstand tester HV voltage probe oscilloscope and accessories at NISE (posted on 16th December 2016)
Notice inviting tender for design supply installation and commissioning of SCADA system for operation of CST test facility at NISE (For any clarifications contact at:9629970305)(Posted on 15th Nov 2016)
Circular regarding Empanelment of Agencies applied for Expression of Interest for Suryamitra skill development Program on PAN India Basis (Posted on 10th November 2016)
Sealed tenders invited from reputed transport agencies for hiring of vehicles at NISE, Gurugram (Posted on 7th Nov 2016)
Ektha Diwas celebration at NISE (Posted on 31st October 2016)
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